Why Is Sports Betting Still Illegal In Some Countries?


The relationship between sports and betting has existed for decades. Nonetheless, in modern times, the bond between the two has weakened in some countries. You might be wondering – why is that? Well, some countries across the globe have established that it is excellent to consign betting into oblivion. And they are completely failing to consider that if the laws allow for the creation of the best-betting sites, the economy can reap heavily from the added tax value. 


If you are still boggled on why you cannot place a bet on your beloved football team, this piece will provide you with all the answers you seek. So, why are sports betting prohibited? 


We are focusing on nations across the globe, and it is imperative to note that the laws can vary, meaning that the logic behind implementing the law that forbids betting can also differ. However, the reasons, which we will state below are some of the common ones among countries, and they include: 


  1. Countries Lose Tax Revenue 


One of the reasons numerous countries opt to make sports betting illegal is that they can hardly trace all money dealings. And this has made governments across the globe lose millions in their yearly tax returns. On the flip side, if the transactions are made with unlicensed bookmakers, the licensed ones will incur losses. 


  1. Match Fixing 


Within the last half a decade, there has been a rising worry regarding rising match-fixing, which influences the results of a game. The incumbents in many nations are worried that certain individuals will reward players, coaches, and or officials economically, thus affecting the match’s outcome. 


Bookmakers, which know what the end outcome will be, can influence the odds that will astronomically raise their profits in return. Look at it as having a cheat sheet. If the bookmaker knows the outcome of the match way before it happens, it becomes an entirely new thing altogether. Match-fixing is not only illegal but, it crashes the very foundation of sportsmanship. 


  1. Betting Changes The Meaning Of Sports 


Sports fanatics loathe betting because of its ability to alter the meaning of sports. Bets are known to shift the attention of an individual from the match to the bet itself. 


Instead of having individuals cheering their favorite teams to do well, they will be supporting them because their finances are deeply invested in the match. As you might have realized, the whole concept of supporting a team because of your financial interests extensively violates the idea of sports, which initially fascinated us to play and watch it. 


  1. It Makes Many Players Stressed 


Some nations have made betting illegal because players are being subjected to unnecessary immense pressure and worry. I know you are wondering why? Well, numerous players are worried that they might be the reason you lose your bet. They are constantly fighting the demons of not being good enough and whether or not you will get back the cash you invested in them. 


The anxiety and worry can make them play worse than they would if the betting pressure was non-existent. Hence, some countries have opted to make sports betting illegal due to this single fact. In addition, the players at times feel like you are only watching the match due to the monetary investment you placed on the game, which significantly influences the match’s outcome. 


  1. Some Societies View Betting As Sinful 


Many religions and societies view sports betting and gambling in general as a sin. Although there is no religion in the world, which explicitly states that gambling is a sin, individuals feel like gambling is a form of greed since it is a pursuit of quick money 

 Apart from greed, others observe gambling as a crime since there is an implied morality to consider, and gambling swims against the flow when it comes to that particular code of conduct. 


Where Is Sports Betting Prohibited? 


As of now, there are only fifteen nations across the globe where sports betting is completely prohibited and forbidden. And if you are caught participating in any form of sports betting, you face criminal prosecution. These countries include: 


  • North Korea 
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) 
  • Cambodia 
  • Cyprus 
  • Singapore 

Other jurisdictions include Afghanistan, Algeria, Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Pakistan, and Vatican City. 


Is There A Way That You Can Place Your Bet? 


If you live in a jurisdiction that has prohibited sports betting, but you want to place a bet legally, you first have to research what is permitted in your jurisdiction and what is not. For example, the laws might allow you to place a bet digitally, but you might not be allowed to do so offline. To simplify things for you, you can search online for an interactive map, whether or not it is possible to place a sports bet within your jurisdiction. If you are a die-hard fan of sports betting, you can place bets on online platforms, which revolve around other nations and their sports matches. 


As you have read in this article, there are some valid reasons why sports betting is illegal in many countries. And as mentioned, it does not mean that all forms of gambling are unlawful; hence, you are advised to carefully study the laws governing the country or city you live in.