Will Virtual Reality Casinos Be the Future of Online Casinos?

The virtual reality casino arena is still in its embryonic stage, and whilst they are not widely available right now, those pioneers who are currently developing VR casino platforms are currently working on making them as lifelike as possible. Ultimately it is thought these games will be similar in style to many of the realistic slots that online casino fans enjoy right now: you can check out online Canadian casinos here for a host of excellent examples of the current industry standard. So why are online casino enthusiasts so excited about the prospects of virtual reality casinos? And will virtual reality casinos be the future of online casinos? Here we explore the symbiotic relationship between the two industries further:

A Desire to Replicate Brick and Mortar Casinos

What is driving the development of virtual reality casinos is a desire to ensure online casinos can replicate brick and mortar casinos as much as possible. We have seen steps taken towards this with the huge popularity of live dealer casinos, where table games such as poker and roulette can be played in real time with a live dealer: this introduces a social element to the online casino arena, enabling players from all over the world to engage with each other. It is this social aspect, and the longer game play that it encourages, that is so appealing to both online and land-based casino owners. In fact, according to several reports, some of the larger land-based casinos in Las Vegas are already creating plans to build virtual replicas of their casinos in an online arena, and in as realistic a way as the technology will allow.

What makes virtual reality so exciting, in all arenas but with particular focus on online casinos, is that the possibilities are endless: whilst the focus now is to make virtual reality casinos as realistic as possible, once the technology is secured it is likely that we will see casino games set in a huge array of virtual worlds, from alien planets to the set of your favourite TV show.

Technology is the Future

Technology and online casinos are intrinsically linked, with technology playing a huge part in the progression of online casino gaming. Without the onset of high-speed internet and mobile gaming technology, online gambling wouldn’t be the behemoth industry that it is today: we forecast that virtual reality will be the next technological steppingstone in its development.

As mentioned above, live online casino is already a favourite feature amongst many players, and casinos that offer live dealer games attract huge amounts of attention. Virtual reality could help to develop this interest further by enabling the players themselves to have the chance to try their hand at being dealer. An interesting twist where players could serve on both sides of the table. The easiest way to facilitate this would be to utilise virtual reality: a virtual reality gaming system could enable players to both shuffle and make decisions in real-time, whilst the players in the same virtual reality arena had similar opportunities. The more outside of the box thinking that is undertaken to use VR in these new and interesting ways, the better this will be for the online casino industry as a whole.

It is clear that virtual reality casinos are the future of the online gambling industry, and that the live casino action it could afford is hugely appealing to the existing online casino fan base. Adding extra layers of interest and excitement can only enhance the game, increasing the length of engagement and the quality of gameplay. And that is a sure-fire way to increase revenues: something that will always make online casino buyers and developers sit up and pay attention.